Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Syrian Kurds Unite

On the 26th of October, the north eastern city of Qamishli in Syria saw it's first meeting of the Kurdish National Council.

252 Kurd's, belonging to youth groups, poitical movements and parties as well as individual activists, gathered and successfully created a united front with the intention of partaking in the national opposition's efforts toward achieving a democratic Syria.

The community have collectively agreed a number of recommendations they will present to the National opposition as a unified voice. Recommendations include constitutional rights relating to; the essential recognition of the Kurd population in Syria, freedom of religious practices, security of minorty groups ie. the Caldo-Assyrians and the fundamental right of equality for all.

With the Kurdish population being one of Syria's indigenious groups, such constitutional amendments are essential and long over-due, a point the al-Assad regime entirely disregards having only granted a vague form of citizenship to the Hasaka Kurds in April of this year.

The council recognisesd the achievements and importance of the Kurd youth groups who will join theKurdish union in their aspiration to achieve Syrian democracy through the combined voice of the Syrian opposition.

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