Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Formation of Syrian National Democratic Council

A conference regarding the Syrian uprising was held in Paris this weekend consequently forming a new unified voice for the Syrian opposition.

The central committee for the National Democratic Council of Syria was appointed on Sunday the 13th of November following a vote among the Syrian attendee's at the conference.

The process, strictly following the single transferrable vote method of proportional representation, appointed the following members to the committe;

Abdel Nasser Arab - UNDA

Abdulbaki Kulo - Kurdish Independent

Anwar Yussef - KDP

Farouk Masara - Opposition Ba'ath Party

Hassan Masri Haddad - Independent

Line Al Khayer - Syrian Women's Party

Mohamed Al Ajlani - UNDA

Mohamed Al Dik - Independent

Rifaat Al Assad - UNDA

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