Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Investigations have been carried out by Lebanese UN authorities following the worst incident to occur at the Israeli-Lebanese border since 2006. They have concluded that the attack was unprovoked, after it was discovered that an Israeli officer was shot several hundred metres before the border and had not, as the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) claimed, crossed it. Two members of the LAF were also killed and a journalist.
Ironically, it seems that debate over the position of the trees that the Israelis were cutting down led to the incident taking place. Claiming that the Israeli soldiers carrying out the maintenance work had crossed the border, the LAF opened fire on the officer's who were observing nearby, provoking speculation that this was a planned attack and completely unprovoked.
UNIFIL commander Major-General. Alberto Asarta Cuevas is keen to promote the feeling on both sides that the incident 'remains an isolated event.' It it clear that he does not wish it to become yet another spark, flickering dangerously near the increasingly volatile tensions in the area.
It is incredibly sad that people lost their lives over such a seemingly small and might I add, stupid geographical 'error.' The situation is so close to breaking point that even random events such as this could tip the balance into chaos and greater loss of life. Both sides need to show more discipline and restraint. Ask questions first, shoot later.

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