Monday, May 12, 2008

Syrian and Hezbollah troops using Heavy Artillery

This came in from our friends in America - the perspective predictable I guess - but valid?

Beirut - May 11, 2008/World Council for the Cedars Revolution/ -- As of this morning, Sunday May 12, Lebanon sources from the field reported that a full fledge offensive conducted by Hezbollah and backed by Iranian Pasdaran and Syrian armed groups has been launched against the southern Mount Lebanon on several axis. The Iranian-backed forces are using long range artillery, Katiusha rockets and armor. Hezbollah has massed around 10,000 troops for this invasion of the Druze villages along the Beirut-Damascus road.

Reports confirm that the Commander of the Lebanese Army, General Michel Sleiman, who was appointed under there Syrian occupation in 1998, has ordered his troops not to intervene to help the Lebanese population under Terrorist attack. Sleiman has also abandoned the Sunni neighborhood in the capital few days ago, when Hezbollah and its Iranian militias invaded the city. At this point, indicate the sources, and unless the Lebanese Army intervene, it is expected that the Hezbollah forces would gradually overrun the Druze villages in Aley district and link up with their forces in the Bekaa valley.


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