Saturday, May 31, 2008

Syria and the nuclear issue

We are still getting claims in from Farid in the USA that Syria was trying for nuclear power and / or weapons. Seems incredible to most of our interlocutors. Unlikely beyond credence. Especially since the only source for this story is the hugely discredited US intelligence service. But anything's possible I guess:

Washington DC May 29, 2008//The NY Sun - Farid Ghadry// -- The latest U.S. intelligence on Syria's attempt to build a plutonium nuclear reactor with North Korea's help and under the nose of the International Atomic Energy Agency shows that the Syrian threat is strategic.
Intelligence officials recently briefed American policy makers on Capitol Hill of Syria's complicity in developing a hostile nuclear program in tandem with the North Koreans. This should have made it clear that regime change and democracy development is more important than ever in order to deter adversaries of global security.
The Syrian regime, long complicit in a variety of acts supporting terror in Iraq and the region has gone too far with the latest discovery of its effort to build a nuclear weapon with the North Koreans.

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