Sunday, August 05, 2007

Shooting Yourself in the Foot

This is interesting from Farid. I kind of think the same for once. How the Moslem Brotherhood have disadvantaged themselves by forming an alliance with the Syrian traitor, Khaddam. They call it the National Salvation Front and it has won the Moslem Brotherhood friends in Washington. But at what cost back home? Farid writes in his travelogue:

The meetings with the other Syrian dissidents in Jordan were extensive and the results were very satisfactory. When in Amman, I like to eat at a very popular and common (Shaabi) restaurant called Abou Hashem, which was frequented often by the late King Hussein. One would suspect that fear would grip Syrians traveling into Jordan, but in reality they come armed with courage and determination. I got to meet new faces, some from the Syrian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood who came from Hama. They were not too happy with the direction their leadership in London took by uniting with the ex-vice president of Syria. The stories I heard from them about Khaddam's actions while he was in power in Syria explain very well the reasons behind his unpopularity. More often, I try to steer Syrians away from expressing hate and direct them to put their trust in the rule of law in the new Syria.


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