Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Syrian Oppression

This item sent by Felix is a reminder of the oppression wrought by the Syrian regime against dissent.

Syrian opposition activists have recently been criticizing the oppression of young people - especially students - in Syria, following the imprisonment of seven activists aged 22-32 who were involved in establishing an online youth discussion group and who posted pro-democracy articles online.

The seven, most of them students, were convicted by the Supreme State Security Court, on June 17, 2007, of "taking action or making a written statement or speech which could endanger the State or harm its relationship with a foreign country, or expose [the State] to the risk of hostile action against the State or its property," under Article 278 of the Syrian Penal Code.

After over a year in detention without trial - a procedure permitted under Syrian emergency law - five of the activists received five-year prison sentences, while the other two, who were also convicted of "broadcasting false news or reports that could harm the prestige of the State or its financial status," were sentenced to seven years

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William said...

Syrian GOVERNMENT Davis - "Regime" is used pejoratively by people in the West - and in the Middle East. Do you want to accept people saying "Israeli Regime"? Some people do you know. Just as a put down. It is unacceptable.