Saturday, February 24, 2007

A Syria-Israel peace process?

David Sassoon sends this Bitter Lemons item:

Edition 8 Volume 5 - February 22, 2007 A Syria-Israel peace process? • America's veto on Syrian-Israeli talks is counter-productive - Rime Allaf
The long-awaited return of the Golan Heights to Syria should not be marketed as a reward offered to Syria for "good behavior" in other arenas. • Include Lebanon - Riad Kahwaji
First Israel must convince the Americans, who in turn must ease Lebanese fears and recognize the benefits of engaging with Syria. • Washington is obstructing progress on Syria - Ghassan Khatib
Washington seems to be saying to Damascus that "you are invited to negotiate but only after you give up the bargaining chips you have." • Syria can switch camps - Alon Liel
Israel withdraws from the Golan Heights in exchange for a total reorientation of Syria's regional and global policies

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