Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sceptical about a change of heart

An article by Roger Owen in the English language version of the Hayat newspaper is sceptical about a change of course in White House policy as regards the Middle East.

....At the moment, and things can certainly change, it looks as though that, while the report will be treated with all appropriate seriousness by the Bush White House, it will not be taken as a blue-print for the start of a negotiated process of American withdrawal from Iraq, something which will then have to wait until much later, perhaps only at the end of the Bush presidency.

It would also be proof that, difficult though this is to believe, Rumsfeld and Cheney will be allowed to continue their malign influence on America and the world for another two years. Having obtained the war they wanted, partly as an exercise in American military power abroad, partly as a justification for increasing executive privilege and executive secrecy at home, having disposed of one secretary of state, Powell, and sidelined another, Rice, having driven a coach and horses through the Geneva Convention, it is at least a distinct possibility that they will manage to secure George Bush's blessing for some equally destructive policies before, mercifully, they are retired at the end of 2008.

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William said...

Obviously written before Rumsfeld was kicked out - and even making allowances for tghat - this guy doesn't know what he's talking about. America hold on Iraq another couple of years ! Has he ever been to Iraq in his life? I seriously doubt it. America is holding on by the skin of her fingers - and she won't last much longer