Monday, November 13, 2006


Am writing from Jerusalem. We met the Deputy Defence Minister, Ephraim Sneh, who confirmed to us what he said to the Jerusalem Post newspaper two days ago - that Israel wanted the capability to take out Iran's nuclear bomb making facilities.

But I doubt they'll do it. And I doubt America has the energy for the task either. Iranian hegemony is total. Unless that is that the USA decides to pull all the stops out to seduce Syria and pressure Israel to open discussions on the Golan. That would break the strong grip of Iranian influence in the region. It may happen. More possible now than at any time in recent years. Syria needs to play its cards with great perspicacity. This is a CHANCE IT SHOULD NOT MISS.

The mood In Israel's press is certainly positive and that of itself creates an opportunity. The main national newspaper, "Yehudiot Ahrnot", wrote as its front page lead yesterday that "Israel's Intelligence Services are pushing Olmert to talk to Syria" and today they wrote that "Blair is pushing Bushg to talk to Syria". Whatever the truth of these articles, they are indicative of an interesting change in mood.

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