Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Lebanon through militant eyes

This item is written by "Camp", the militant group. We publish an extract on this blog for interest and without comment. It gives a clear assessment of the situation through the eyes of the extremists:

The recent round of the Middle East conflict clearly goes to the Lebanese popular resistance and especially its spearhead Hizbollah. Israel could not reach its proclaimed aim to defeat Hizbollah on the battlefield and had to withdraw disgracefully. Nobody can seriously deny this very fact which is strongly confirmed by the public opinion in Israel herself.

Israel was not only not able to inflict a defeat on Hizbollah but as a consequence proved unable to incite a new civil war. On the contrary the ability of Hizbollah to defend the country against Zionism strengthened the national unity. If even Israel lost the war against Hisbollah who should internally dare to attack them by military force?

While this victory must be appreciated we should not deceive ourselves about its partial character. New attacks are being prepared to weaken the emerging axis of resistance which has gained ground by Hizbollah’s success. The question is inextricably linked to the Iranian nuclear programme which challenges the US-Israeli dominance over the region.

The victory is not only partial in scope but also because the UN resolution 1701 and the deployment of some 15.000 heavily armed European combat troops to Lebanon constitute a time bomb against the resistance. Certainly they are neither able nor willing the continue the Israeli military campaign to smash and disarm Hizbollah. They even come with the agreement of Hizbollah which presupposes a kind of non-aggression pact. But this is only for the time being.

The lead nations France and Italy have announced to curb the weapons supply to Hizbollah flowing in from Syria. This will be used to pressurise and threat Syria. At the very beginning France for example proposed to seal off the entire Lebanese border with Syria which not only would have limited Lebanese sovereignty in an unprecedented way but would be a at the same time a projection of military power against Syria. It is unlikely that the imperialist troops will be able to stop the arms’ flux but already the attempts are designed to trigger conflict.

At the same time the European troops are there to put pressure on the political system, to help the pro-imperialist forces around the governmental coalition led by the Hariri clan, to move towards the disarming of Hisbollah and to weaken its anti-imperialist coalition. According to these plans the Lebanese army under the control of the Hariri coalition should be empowered to take the place of Hizbollah.

In case of local or regional changes the role attributed to the Western troops can turn all of a sudden. There could be an Israeli raid to which Hizbollah responds producing a clash with Hizbollah, something the Zionist will certainly try to instigate. Or it is possibly that Sarkosy will follow Chirac into French presidential office. It is well known that Sarkosy is a die-hard Zionist completely aligned to the US. Or if the spiral of escalation against Iran is turned further ahead this will also heighten the tensions in Lebanon and against Syria. Whatever scenario will come about it is clear that the European imperialist forces are an asset on the side of Israel, the US as well a the reactionary forces within Lebanon itself.

Only a popular supra-confessional coalition around Hisbollah can secure the independence of Lebanon. Hizbollah should not be disarmed but on the contrary should even take over the state together with its coalition including Aoun and others.

But the question goes far beyond Lebanon. We are ahead of a new regional escalation. The US-Zionist axis can not accept the emergence of a resisting coalition led by Iran equipped with a nuclear potential. Some pre-emptive action is being prepared. As we have seen in Lebanon, Iraq and elsewhere it is only the popular resistance movements which are able to confront the imperialist aggression. The task is to spread and unify these movements throughout the entire Arab Islamic world and to bring down the puppet regimes first of all in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The popular resistance movements must prepare for the war of liberation.

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