Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lebanese accuse Syrians of re-igniting violence in Beirut

An article from the Lebanese English Language paper The Daily Star

Bomb rocks Beirut police barracks as security sources warn of more violence
By Maher Zeineddine and Therese Sfeir

BEIRUT: A bomb thrown at a police barracks in Beirut exploded early Wednesday, but there were no injuries or damages. Acting Interior Minister Ahmad Fatfat told The Daily Star that the attack "might have been perpetrated by some people who wanted to take advantage of the situation," referring to the recent clashes between Internal Security Forces personnel and residents of Beirut's southern suburbs.

Fatfat said he hoped the attack did not signal the resumption of a series of bombings that shook the country last year.

During an interview with Lebanese Ad-Diyar daily published on Wednesday, Fatfat said that he had received "a direct Syrian threat a few days ago" against his life. He added that all March 14 Forces figures and security forces were in danger.

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