Thursday, January 16, 2014

Urgent Appeal: Donations needed for blankets for Syrian Refugees in makeshift camps in Bekaa, Lebanon

As reported by the NCF last month, the countries of the Levant are facing some of the coldest winter temperatures recorded in the region in over a century. The conditions are having a disproportionate affect on Syrian refugees encamped in the most rudimentary makeshift camps in areas like the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon.  

UNHCR spokeswoman, Lisa Abou Khaled recently highlighted her organisations’ concern for the situation within the Bekaa Valley: “We are worried because it is really cold in the Bekaa region and we're extremely worried about the refugees living in makeshift shelters because many are really substandard."

Although organisations like the UN are doing their best to assist refugees in official camps and some of the makeshift camps, the enormity of the Syrian refugee situation in Lebanon has meant that many makeshift camps are overlooked.

In a few days time I, along with friends of mine will be visiting makeshift camps of Syrian refugees within the Bekaa region of Lebanon to hand out clothes, blankets and essential items to Syrians this winter. In addition to the items we can take in our luggage we are raising money so that we can buy most of these items in Lebanon and distribute them in these camps.

A member of the group has set up a blog ( to help raise funds; within it is a secure donation service via Paypal.

A donation of any amount would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much.


PLEASE NOTE: The NCF are not raising money for this appeal, but are helping me as a previous Researcher at the NCF circulate my request for donations.

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