Wednesday, November 21, 2012

More on casualties

It is some time since we included any comment with our regular updates on Syrian casualty levels. We have continued to compile these and they are listed on our Syria Blog
Casualty levels in Syria remain high. During the past week (week ending 18th November) our analyst calculates (using best available sources) that:

1,093 civilians were killed

288 rebel fighters were killed

322 government troops were killed

What is notable in the interval since we last submitted regular reports on Syria is that the numbers of rebels killed on a weekly basis has declined. Civilian and government deaths remain constant. The degree to which this is attributable to under reporting of rebel dead (or indeed over reporting of civilian / government dead) is difficult to ascertain. All casualty figures are suspect in a sectarian civil war of this magnitude, particularly in view of the fact that we are relying almost entirely on rebel sources.

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