Thursday, February 16, 2012

China Sends Envoy to Syria

Today the BBC have published an article explaining that China has decided that they will be sending a senior envoy to Syria. It is hopeful that this will help to put an end to the violence, which has resulted in the deaths of over 7,000 civilians since March 2011.
Deputy Foreign Minister, Zhai Jun is expected to go to Damascus on Friday 17th February 2011. Analyst Martin Patience explains that China usually does not interfere with other countries' affairs, however "Beijing remains wary about Western intentions".
This decision has arguably confused many people as only a week ago, China was one of the only countries along with Russia who vetoed a UN security council resolution in an attempt for the Syrian president to step down, ultimately causing many more deaths.  An article in 'The Guardian' by Paul Harris: 'Syria resolution vetoed by Russia and China at United Nations' quotes William Hague accusing Russia and China of "siding with the Syrian Regime and its brutal suppression of the Syrian people in support of their own national interests."
This is a pivotal event which has the potential of creating greater political changes and will be interesting to follow.


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