Thursday, October 13, 2011

EU Hails The Formation of the SNC

The Syrian National Council, formed in Istanbul on 2nd October, has moved forward in its bid to seek international recognition. The EU’s foreign ministers have agreed a statement which welcomes the formation of the SNC. The statement on 10th October called the creation of the body, “a positive step forward," and condemned the "brutal repression led by the Syrian regime against its population". This comes a day after Syria threatened to take “tough measures” against any country that recognised the Council.

However, the words of French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe, reflect the EU’s cautious approach to the newly formed Syrian body. France was the first EU country to recognise the Libyan interim council, but Juppe said that the Syrian body did not “have the same structure.” He continued, “we are not at the stage of recognition. I believe we have to get to know them better and get a better idea of their intentions.” Although the statement stopped short of formally recognising the Council as the official opposition this still provides the SNC with a level of international support and legitimacy.

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