Thursday, August 04, 2011

A Saudi perspective on Syria

This article by Tariq al Humayed the Editor in Chief of Sharq Al Awsat gives a Saudi view of what's going on in Syria. It is interesting and (if you read between the lines) goes some way toward explaining the double game the Saudis are playing in supporting the Moslem Brotherhood.

Global Arab Network - The repeated question: who is in charge in Syria? Is it the President [Bashar al-Assad], or his brother [Republican Guard commander Maher al-Assad], or the political old guard? Everybody is asking this question. There are those asking out of skepticism or suspicion, and those asking out of mere curiosity, whilst others are asking this with a view to questioning whether it is logical for a young, well-educated president to act in the same manner that Bashar al-Assad is acting today against his own people, with shells striking the city of Hama every 10 seconds?


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