Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Defence Minister 'More Than Alive'

Ian Black
ian_black (twitter) ali habib, sacked syrian defence minister is "more than alive" according to damascus source who saw him this morning,7340,L-4106489,00.html

The rumours that circulated yesterday, from the mouths of websites such as the Washington Post, have been proven to be false. The Defence Minister General Ali Habib's reported sacking the day before marks one of the biggest shake ups of the al-Assad government since the uprising began earlier this year. The next day, rumours regarding his assassination at the hands of President Assad emerged from various sources.

Habib emerged on television through the Syrian Arab News Agency to deny reports that he was dead. He also confirmed the reports that he stepped down as a result of ill health.

Ali Habib has been replaced by General Daoud Rajha as Defence Minister. These events remind us/me of the importance to check the credibility of sources before reporting yet another dramatic story regarding Syria.

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