Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The repressive measures used in Syria

There seems to be a great deal of conspiracy and international consensus to leave Syrians to their fate at the hands of a corrupt and ruthless regime. 

How is this regime maintained and how is it that Bashar al-Assad is still in power?

The Baath party can certainly be counted as the main reason as to why Syrians are under such repression.  Baath translates to mean “resurrection” and the political party opposes westernisation and calls for the resurrection of the Arab world.  The party are violent and repressive, producing leaders such as Saddam Hussein (in Iraq) and Hafez al-Assad (in Syria).

The corruptness and cruelty of the Baath regime is highlighted when looking at the imprisonment of Nurreddin al-Attasi (a former pre-Baath president) for 22 years without any charge or trial.  Nurreddin was denied medical treatment for cancer which eventually caused his death.

The other means of repression used by the al-Assad family  are the Shabbiha.  These are Para-military groups working on behalf of the family.  The term Shabbiha means, “ghostlike” figures that appear from nowhere and proceed to kill and main demonstrators.  The Shabbiha also operate a criminal network throughout the Syrian coastal regions, specialising in smuggling, robbery and prostitution.

When looking at these repressive regimes it becomes clear as to why the Syrian revolution is being repressed so strongly.

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