Monday, May 21, 2007

US gives go-ahead for Israeli-Syrian talks

U.S. policy turnabout may enable Israeli-Syrian talks

Haaretz reports a change in the US stance on Syria suggesting this is a result of Condi's meeting with Walid Muallem at the Riyadh summit.

"Washington has given Israel the green light to accept Syrian President Bashar Assad's call for peace talks, in a change of position accompanied by several preconditions.

The Bush administration has given Israel permission to discuss the future of the Golan Heights, security arrangements and Israeli-Syrian peace accords if it agrees to talks with Syria.

However, Washington has stipulated that Israel must not agree to any negotiations, even indirectly, on the United States' position, or on the future of Lebanon."


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William said...

In fact Israel never needed Washington's permission to proceed - and now they have it will it change anything? It is all down to Olmert - as long as Olmert's around.