Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Syrian to attend NGO meeting in Madrid

Lord Stone sent us this article. William comments: Akiva is keen to promote this Madrid thing as he is the main organiser on behalf of Shlomo ben Ami. It is a useful event - though other NGOs are not permitted to attend, except as silent observers.

Also, these are not formal "talks" as the article implies. It is a conference. The Syrians will send someone. Not a delegation, but one man. They have not decided - yet - who to send.

This article puts a pretty grand spin on the thing and implies that Syria is only being permitted to come under sufferance. The Syrians may think they are doing Shlomo a favour by sending someone - If Akiva continues to write in this vein he may find no Syrians turn up.

For the text of Akiva's article click here

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