Wednesday, November 22, 2006

More Lebanon

Chris Doyle of Caabu writes:

World leaders condemned the assassination of Lebanese Minister, Pierre Gemayel last night, an attack that is said to threatens to start a civil war and bring down the government in Lebanon. Last night, supporters of the Christian Phalange party went to the streets with posters of Gemayel and shouting against Hizbullah and Michael Aoun, a rival Christian leader who recently sided with Syria. Gemayel's death is the latest in a number of assassinations of anti-Syrian politicians and journalists. (Telegraph, Independent, Guardian)

The attack is also seen as a huge blow to Tony Blair, who has been trying to bring Syria into regional talks on the Middle East. Many Lebanese officials are blaming Syria, while President Bush blames both Syria and Iran for promoting "instability" in Lebanon. Both countries have condemned the killing. (Telegraph, Independent)

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