Thursday, November 30, 2006

Capitulation is Defeat and Defeat Invites Calamity

Farid is really uptight about the coming rapprochement between Syria and America - below is the opening of his latest report:

Washington DC, November 30, 2006/RPS-Farid Ghadry/ -- Many voices in the US, Israel, and some European countries are calling for open talks with Syria and Iran. Their timing spells defeat of the free countries to the forces of evil and defeat of US resolve to help the Iranian and Syrian people acquire self-empowerment.

If the US negotiates with Syria and Iran, it is useless to predict what that means to all the courageous people of those two nations whose voices have risen over the last four years encouraged by the US calls for freedom. People like Dr. Kamal Labwani who will languish in jail for many years and people like Riad Seif who will see the five years he went to prison for were a sacrifice he should not have made. Not to mention the many exiled Syrian and Iranian voices who feel that the US, once again, may simply just choose to abandon them the way it abandoned the courageous Shiia uprising in Iraq in 1992. Who, in their own mind, would risk their neck again the next time the US talks of freedom and empowerment?

Let’s calculate hypothetically the consequences of a defeatist US foreign policy that capitulates to Syria and Iran at a time when both countries are challenging the greatest power on this planet. Just consider Syria’s lawless behavior when compared with the United States strict adherence to moral clarity and the rule of law. One might argue that Syria and Iran benefit greatly from breaking every law at whatever cost, which exponentially increases their political influence to the point that they can claim victory by simply making the US look paralyzed by its own set of rules and laws.

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