Sunday, October 29, 2006

NSC Meets with NSF Representatives

Farid sends us this bizarre story. But then, we are all for talking to everyone so maybe even this is fair enough:

Washington DC - ِOctober 27, 2006/RPS/ -- Member staffs of the National Security Council met with members of the National Salvation Front on Thursday October 26 according to The Levant Institute, a news organization that disseminates Syrian Muslim Brotherhood information.

According to the Levant News, Michael Doran, met with members of the NSF and discussed possibilities of meeting with the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood leadership in the future.

The NSC meeting was quite a departure from established US foreign policy who until now regarded Khaddam, the ex vice president of Syria, and Bayanouni, the head of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood, as not representative of Syrians inside the country.

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