Tuesday, January 24, 2006

"Kaddam Attacked by Syrians and Lebanese Alike"

Source: Reform Party of Syria
Washington DC, January 16, 2006/RPS/
Title: "Kaddam Attacked by Syrians and Lebanese Alike"

-- In an interview with Dubai television, Michel Aoun, the Lebanese MP from Kesrouan, accused Khaddam of bearing responsibility for a sequence of assassinations of Lebanese politicians.

"For a long time Khaddam was responsible for the Lebanese file, and during the time that he was responsible there were many very unfortunate events which were similar to Hariri's assassination," Aoun said on TV. He added: "There were the [assassinations] of two presidents of the republic; Bashir Gemayel and Rene Mouawad, and there was the mufti Sheikh Hassan Khaled, MP Nazem al-Qadri ... and Kamal Jumblatt".

Kaddam is considered the architect of Syria's policies in Lebanon. He headed the Lebanese file during 15 years at the height of Syria's domination of Lebanese military and political life from 1975-1990.

Aoun wants Kaddam to publicly explain the killings.

"We had hoped that he [Khaddam] would recall those days and let us know how these events took place," alluding to Kaddam's choice of ignoring his responsibility.

Syrian writers and intellectuals have also come out lashing against Kaddam calling him "Abdul Halim Nuclear" in reference to using his powers as Vice President to allow his sons to profit from dumping nuclear waste in the Badieh area of Syria that resulted in a higher cancer rate amongst the poor population than previously recorded. Kaddam's sons denied these allegations.

Also the president of Lebanon Emile Lahoud joined the chorus of other Lebanese to attack Kadddam. A statement issued by his press office labeled Kaddam as "a symbol of corruption."
"It is enough to check Khaddam's and his family's accounts and assets to realize that he is highly corrupt," the statement said.

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William said...

Yes, Khaddam is everyone's hate figure now. He was supposed to have been quite clever but his remarks on Al Arabieh satellite TV were very slapdash. He offended many ordinary Syrians by saying that the poor in Damascus had to pick their food from the rubbish bins. He could have said what he wanted to say but been far wiser in going about it